Open Door Neighbourhood House was formed in 1987 by a group of volunteers and what was then known as the Ministry of Housing.

The aim was to create a focal point of services and support for the local Yarrunga community and beyond.

The house has seen many physical and material changes since its incorporation.

What started as a small office for public tenants, a small room to look after children, plus a kitchen and office, has grown to become so much more.

At the beginning, we offered basic child minding with three picture books, a cradle and a couple of block sets, as well as basic cooking, sewing and computer classes when floppy discs were new in the world of technology.

But more importantly, Open Door gave the community a place to come and be together, with help and support for all.

We are a Learn Local organisation and the services provided by Open Door include adult education in digital literacy,  community inclusion programs for people with a disability in partnership with the Centre for Continuing Education. We provide information and referral, support and venue hire.

Programs are generally offered to adults and cover a broad range of topics such as recreation and leisure, personal development, literacy language and numeracy, vocational skills, health and wellbeing, life skills and cooking programs.

Our Vision

We are a community that is connected, safe and just, where people are treated with dignity and kindness.

Our Mission

We work to reduce barriers while fostering self-determination and building pride in our neighbourhood. We do this because we are passionate about social justice and empowerment of our communities.